Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Secret of Colloidal Humus Compost

by Rod Turner (author of The World's Best Compost)

To my total amazement I found out that almost ALL plants grown by man today are being force fed into sickness and us along with them.

And that as it turns out is why we have all the plant and pest problems we do. These plants are sick and surprise surprise, old mother Nature wants to be rid of them!

How many root systems does a plant have?

Now imagine how you would feel to have a garden that was healthy and glowing with life. Where the plants hardly ever got any pest problems. Where the food you harvested fresh tasted better than almost any food you ever tasted before? (the worlds best chefs seek out food grown this way because it makes them famous!) Madonna's personal chef had it flown in wherever they were on tour.

Can you pick up a handful of your soil and breathe in the rich sweet aroma? Or does it smell a little unpleasant, like fertilizer or probably not at all? Sick soil equals sick plants.

Would you love it when your plants just leap out of the soil with the vitality of an Olympic athlete in peak competition readiness?

What about having soil so friable and structured that you can dig it with your bare hands? Would you love that too?

Well all these wonderful garden of Eden like qualities you can have from understanding that the plant has TWO root systems if given the chance in a natural growing environment.

One for feeding when the Sun shines and one for drinking almost pure soil water 24/7.

For healthy pest free, fantastic tasting plants, you must NOT feed plants through the soil water as 99.99% of our "experts" tell us. (this mentality supports the huge fertilizer and chemical giants wreaking havoc on our planet)

Plants must be fed naturally through humus of the plants free choice in the soil.

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